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leo is chasing after that jack nicholson aesthetic like his life depends on it

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Shelley Duvall, 1977. 

A great sorrow, and one that I am only beginning to understand: we don’t get to choose our own hearts. We can’t make ourselves want what’s good for us or what’s good for other people. We don’t get to choose the people we are (…) 

How do we know what’s right for us? Every shrink, every career counselor, every Disney princess knows the answer: “Be yourself.” “Follow your heart.”     Only here’s what I really, really want someone to explain to me. What if one happens to be possessed of a heart that can’t be trusted—?


His username is Patroclus. His password is also Patroclus.

Odysseus, on Achilles, Book 7  (via ophaelia)

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Your memory is a monster; you forget—it doesn’t. It simply files things away. It keeps things for you, or hides things from you—and summons them to your recall with will of its own. You think you have a memory; but it has you.

John Irving, A Prayer for Owen Meany (via simply-quotes)

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Domhnall Gleeson photographed by Annie Leibovitz, for Vogue, 2014


4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (2007) - Cristian Mungiu

Lupita Nyong’o for Elle France | July 18th, 2014


"I had insecurities and fears like everybody does, and I got over it. But I was interested in the parts of me that struggled with those things."

Happy Birthday Philip Seymour Hoffman (23rd July 1967 - 2nd February 2014)

Xavier Dolan on the set of Mommy

"Our tale takes place during a severe winter, with frosts as keen as Christendom of the time. On such days it’s better to roost by the fire and remember tales of old, tales of foolish deeds scattered at random. Why even listen? Is there any sense in them? Why were they written? Tales told by chance, at random, for poetry’s sake, at the behest of a wandering echo, and because even the most ancient things lie in the web of present time…"   - Marketa Lazarová, dir. František Vláčil

Emergency Collab Commissions!


So, my partner is in a lot of trouble right now, because her insurance won’t cover her extremely necessary medication; and her previous military insurance dropped her, because they didn’t think that she was disabled! I would like to be able to raise her at least some money to help out. What I am going to do is open up collab commissions!

What this entails is that I ink and flat color a sketch that another person sketched out. It can have a background, a simple color background, or a transparent background. I am pretty much comfortable with collaborating with anyone and doing my half of anything. We would split the money 50/50, with the commissioner giving half to the artist who did the sketch, and half to my partner.

Here’s examples of my work: DeviantART; InkBunny; Weasyl.

Here are the people who I have on board with me so far:

  • fuzzybutt (FurAffinity; Weasyl): Draws cute, toony furries and humans. Likes to draw chubby characters. Is a clean artist. Price Sheet. 
  • DJPoopypants (FurAffinity; Inkbunny): Draws cute furries. Speciality is drawing pants wetting and messing but is comfortable with anything as long as it is an original character. Is both a NSFW and a clean artist. Price Sheet.
  • I-Like-Cats (Weasyl; FurAffinity): Draws cute, toony critters - any species, including human. Will draw most kinks, including chub and diapers. No price sheet. Prices are flexible and negotiable.

If you would like a commission:

  1. Send me a message on either of the sites, mentioned above, with what you would like. Or send me an email at hello.hurricane09[at]yahoo[dot]com with your info.
  2. Include a reference for your character(s). If no reference is included, be as descriptive as possible. Include the pose, expression, outfit, and etc, regardless of reference or not.
  3. Payment must be due upfront. Half through PayPal to aprils2009[at]gmail[dot]com, and half to whomever you choose to commission. Your piece will not start until payment has been received.
  4. Once the sketch is completed, I will send you the file. If any changes need to be made, say so during the sketch stage.
  5. Line-Art and flat colors comes next. I will show you the “final” product. Tell me if you would like the colors or line-work to be fixed. If not, I will leave it like it is.
  6. All commissions will be uploaded unless otherwise stated by the commissioner. Withdrawing usernames is, also, something that we can do.

If you would like to do collab commissions with me, please PM me on any of the aforementioned sites, or email me!

Donations can also be sent through PayPal to aprils2009[at]gmail[dot]com, if desired!

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